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  • Are you ready for the new year? Here’s a 2015 checklist…
    As we near the end of 2014, it’s time to start thinking, planning, and budgeting for the New Year. We have a short checklist of four key areas we think you should consider when making your plan. If you have any questions about these key areas for your business, please...
  • Business Continuity Tip: Unexpected Weather Conditions
    Recently, 7 feet of snow hammered the southern part of Buffalo, NY. With an average snow fall of over 3-5 inches an hour, many residents were left with little to no time to prepare.Click here to see the incredible photos. This type of sudden event and those like last year’s...
  • The Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts
    Not all of us are typing pros. If you’ve ever found yourself typing the same thing over and over again or feeling like there’s got to be a faster way to save or print, it’s time for keyboard shortcuts! Here are some of the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts (also...
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