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  • File organization tips: 9 ideas for managing files and folders
    used with permission from Microsoft at Work The tips in this article can help you master file management by supplying some tips to help you better manage and organize computer files. After you’ve decided on a strategy for organizing and managing files and folders, we bet you’ll see improved time...
  • 7 Steps to Good Work Habits Away From The Office
    used with permission from the Microsoft Small Business Website by Jeff Wuorio Your laptop was built for doing work away from the office. Making sure your self-discipline comes along for the trip is something else. Many business owners and executives associate an office environment with the will to work. As...
  • 4 Ways to Make Sure Meetings Are Not a Waste of Time
    by Marlene Chism, Meetings can be a big waste of time or the biggest time saver. It all depends on your skills of keeping the meeting on track and engaging your staff. The challenges that keep your meetings from being productive include going on way past the allotted time,...
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